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Veterinary Diets and Pet Nutrition

Our veterinarians will work closely with you and your pet to select an appropriate diet. We typically discuss nutrition at changes in your pet’s life stage – such as newborn to puppy, from puppy to adult, or adult to senior - or when the pet has a medical condition. Nutrition plays an important role in your pet’s health. Diet is such an integral part of an animal’s health that it is often considered the starting point for overall welfare. There are a lot of important factors in keeping a pet healthy, and many are interdependent. For example, vaccinations are important to help prevent certain infectious diseases in pets. In order for vaccinations to be most effective, the pet needs to have a healthy immune system. Certain nutrients like vitamin C, viaminE, lutein and taurine act as antioxidants and help reduce damage to the cells of the immune system, improving function. Thus, nutrition plays a role in disease prevention.

In addition, there are a variety of therapeutic diets created specifically to prevent or delay onset of many medical conditions and help control existing diseases. Therapeutic diets complement other therapies, provide excellent nutrition and at the same time address the special nutritional needs of ailing pets.

Our veterinary-exclusive diets support a wide range of health issues, such as:

Our veterinarians will work closely with you and your pet to select an appropriate diet to address certain nutritional needs. Special diets may be discussed for disorders such as kidney, liver, or heart disease, skin disorders, or food allergies. Our selection of veterinary prescription diets can provide your pet with optimal nutrition while addressing some of the disease factors associated with serious medical conditions.

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