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General Veterinary Medicine - Crystal Lake Veterinary Hospital

Common Conditions

We know how scary it can be when our pets do not feel well. Whether it be vomiting, lethargy, or signs of pain, it is important to get your pet examined in order to identify the problem. There are many conditions that can afflict dogs and cats and, luckily, a majority of these problems can be diagnosed and treated. When we see your pet because he/she is sick, we will start by asking you questions to get a thorough history. Then our doctors will perform a physical exam. The history and physical exam offers important and vital information as to the cause of your pet’s illness. After that, diagnostics may be needed for more information. Among the many diseases and problems our pets can suffer from; there are many that we see most commonly.

Diarrhea and Vomiting: Diarrhea is very common in dogs and cats and it is frustrating to deal with at home. Diarrhea has many many causes including; parasites, bacteria, poor absorption, ingesting a foreign object, pancreatitis, or dietary indiscretion. One very common cause of diarrhea in dogs is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine and/or colon. We start by testing the stool for any parasites or bacteria. Occasionally further diagnostics are necessary.

Arthritis or Lameness: It is difficult to watch our pet’s age and show signs of arthritis. Some signs you may notice at home include: hesitancy to jump up onto the couch, bed, or into the car. Also, it may become difficult for them to stand up from a laying down position. Occasionally your dog or cat may lick the areas that hurt like his wrists, knees, or elbows. What about when the pain seems localized to one leg and your pet is limping? Limping could also be a sign of arthritis, however, it could also be an acute injury. When your dog or cat comes in for limping, we will check to see if one particular joint is painful or swollen and most often times proceed with x-rays.

When your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis or joint pain and inflammation, there is a non-invasive cutting edge therapy option. Laser therapy is a non-surgical treatment used to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance quality of life. Laser therapy does not require the use of drugs or surgery and has fewer side effects and fewer risks. It is safe, quick and convenient, and can be more effective than other forms of physical therapy. Laser therapy does not require sedation or restraint. Your pet can rest comfortably while our technician focuses an infrared wand across the top of your pet’s skin. They will target a specific calculated area surrounding the place where your pet is painful.

Conditions that can be improved include:

If you are interested in this type of therapy, please ask our staff if your pet is a candidate for laser treatments. Your pet is part of your family and we know you want them to have the best quality of life. We share this goal and are excited to offer laser therapy to help.

Allergies: Is your pet itching and scratching? This can be extremely frustrating for you and your pet, especially when they are keeping you up at night scratching. There are many causes of itching. When we see your dog or cat for this problem, the doctors will first make sure he does not have any fleas or mites. Fleas and mites often times cause an intense itch. If he is free of these parasites, the next step is to determine if the problem is from an allergy. An allergy can be from an adverse reaction to the diet, or it can be from environmental causes. Unfortunately, there is no quick test to determine the cause of the allergy. A thorough history can offer some insight and diet elimination trials may be performed if the doctor suspects a food allergy.

Infectious disease: There are many microscopic bugs out in the world that can infect our pets. Many of them also can cause disease in us so too. Infections, whether it be from a bacteria, a fungus, or a parasite, may result in your dog or cat being lethargic, developing a fever, lameness, or cough. When your pet presents to us, often times bloodwork is performed to identify what body system is being affected. Then we can tailor additional testing or treatments based on lab results. Some infectious diseases found in our region include:

Metabolic disease: Metabolic diseases are common in our dog and cat family members. Metabolic disorders are when there is an abnormal chemical reaction or abnormal hormone production in the body. All the organs in the body have a unique job and produce or release chemicals or hormones to keep the body in check. When this is disrupted, many diseases can manifest.

It is our hope that we see you and your pet for wellness checks only, but if and when your animal becomes ill or suffers from a medical problem, we are equipped with the expertise of the doctors, imaging and laboratory testing, and a full in-house pharmacy to treat your pet.

  • Animal Hospital in Crystal Lake, McHenry County IL
  • Animal Hospital in Crystal Lake, McHenry County IL
  • Animal Hospital in Crystal Lake, McHenry County IL
  • Animal Hospital in Crystal Lake, McHenry County IL