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Crystal Lake Veterinary Hospital provides Compassionate, Loving, Vitalizing, Healing care for your pet.  We believe in improving the quality of your pet's life by treating the whole animal, not just the symptoms, with integrative services and state-of-the-art technology.  A profound love for animals is shared by our doctors and our staff.

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Crystal Lake Seasonal Info


Fall is here!

The kids are back in school, and thinking of their next holiday—Halloween! We have a few tips to keep your pet safe from all the Halloween festivities. This way, your whole family, including your pets, will have Halloween fun!

  • Please put your pets in a safe location if needed during trick-or-treat hours.
  • Dogs and Cats should NEVER eat chocolate or candy. Chocolate contains harmful chemical compounds that make pets ill. The plastic components of lollipop sticks and other candies can also be dangerous for pets, and can even cause intestinal blockage or intestinal ruptures if digested.
  • Strangers in scary Halloween costumes can distress any pet and even make some of the friendliest animals to become more aggressive. If your pet is showing any sign of distress, please move them to a quiet place during the trick-or-treating hours.
  • Candles and Jack O’ Lanterns on the floor or low ledges can be a serious fire hazard. Dog’s wagging tails or frightened cats dashing through the house can easily topple over a candle or carved pumpkin, causing burns or a fire!
  • The constant sounds of door knocking and door-bell ringing can stress pets too. Sometimes, dogs and cats can experience stress-related diarrhea or appear visibly scared and anxious.
  • If you dress your dog up for Halloween, be sure the costume is not too tight, has ample room for your pet to move and does not block his or her vision or mobility.

By taking these few precautions, you can ensure that everyone will have a happy Halloween, including your pets. If your pet seems to be experiencing any kind of emergency, please call us right away.

If you would like more autum safety tips for pets, please visit the aspca website for additional autumn pet health tips, such as household poisons and cold weather hazards.

If your pet seems to be experiencing any kind of emergency, please call us right away.

Senior Pet Health

Each Autumn we celebrate our senior pets! As dogs and cats age, they, like people, are at high risk for developing certain diseases and conditions. Today, people live longer, healthier lives than they typically did years ago. This is due to a better understanding of the importance of factors that can influence aging, such as preventative health care, nutrition, and improved diagnostics.

Since our pets age far faster than we do, it is vital to have your senior pets examined regularly. We know that with advancing age, incidence of heart disease, kidney disease, malignant and benign tumors, arthritis, loss of hearing and vision, and oral / dental disease increases. As with people, the key to our pets’ longevity is early detection.

We recommend that all large breed dogs over 7 years old, small and medium breeds over 9 years old, and all cats over 10 years old, have an annual geriatric evaluation (physical exam, radiography, bloodwork, and urinalysis). Please join us in celebrating our senior pets by calling for an appointment today. Remember that early detection allows for a greater number of treatment options; and opens the door to success far wider.

General Reminder...

Please do not stop heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives at this time of year. These pests often become most active in Fall.

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