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Crystal Lake
Veterinary Hospital

800 East Terra Cotta Avenue
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
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Crystal Lake Veterinary Hospital provides Compassionate, Loving, Vitalizing, Healing care for your pet.  We believe in improving the quality of your pet's life by treating the whole animal, not just the symptoms, with integrative services and state-of-the-art technology.  A profound love for animals is shared by our doctors and our staff.

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Does your pet have skin issues or arthritis? Try our new VRN Omega-3 Program.

March 2015

Toxic levels of inflammation have been identified as one of the leading causes of pets developing clinical signs associated with multiple diseases, including arthritis, dermatitis, some heart diseases, kidney disease and much more. This high level of inflammation may occur, in some dogs and cats, partly due to an imbalance in your pets diet.

We are NOW able to scientifically determine an Inflammatory Fatty Acids Target Score (iFATS) for your pet. Using just a few drops of blood, this score will indicate if there is a dietary imbalance contributing to inflammation in your pet. To address this imbalance, we are excited to offer the most effective solution on the market today. VRNs Omega Benefits hypoallergenic oil offers safe, natural, and research-based supplementation to restore your pets fatty acid balance. Balancing your pets intake of fatty acids is one of the most important things you can do for their overall health.

800 East Terra Cotta Avenue . Crystal Lake IL  60014 | Telephone: 815-459-3380

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